Glowrious Bath and Body Frequently Asked Questions




Which products are best suited for sensitive skin?

All of our creations are made for those with sensitive skin in mind, however when in doubt you can be sure to find our Oh Oats! soap, Simply Shea, and Sal Butter to be great starters as they are all free of synthetic fragrances.


What’s good for dark spots?

When used consistently, Turmeric & Orange can be helpful in reducing the appearance of blemishes. Also a concentrated facial massage using our Rose Quartz Gua Sha helps to stimulate the area in need of revival.

Are your soaps only for the face?

No, you can use our soaps head to toe. You can always buy our mini-bars if you desire to use it as a facial soap.


Will the Bye Bye Blemish Bar help with dark spots?

Yes, in fact that’s what it is created to do, but more importantly it draws impurities from the skin to eliminate excess oil and bacteria.

What is the Super Soothing Salve?

Think of this as a natural neosporin. If you have minor skin irritations due to a cut or inflammation, you can use this to help soothe the area as it is packed with antimicrobial properties.

Can I use your whipped butters in my hair?

Absolutely! These whipped butters contain no wax or fillers, so you won’t have to worry about any build up for your flowing locs.


Do you have any oils for hair?

Yes! Our Concentrated Oil is phenomenal for massaging your scalp. This oil is packed with stimulating oils, so it is great for stimulating your hair follicles.


Do you have any body oil?

Concentrated Oil is our only body oil. This oil is great for massaging your body to get things moving. This oil is packed with stimulating oils, so it’s great for improving circulation when massaged into the skin. It is not recommended to be used near your eyes.

Which products are best for babies?

I would recommend our Oh Oats bar for a soap, Lovely Lavender for a mist, and Lovely Lavender or Sal Butter for a moisturizer. The gentler the better. I would make a special point to avoid extremely fragrant products containing peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, or orange which can cause irritation.

Do any of your products contain fragrance or synthetics?

No. Although some of those fragrances smell great, over time they can cause damage to our skin and respiratory system. We have enough going on in the world. I just figured I wouldn’t be a contributor to anything extra.

How often should I exfoliate?

Different people have different skin needs, yet we recommend no more than 1-3 times per week. You don’t want to tear or irritate your skin by scrubbing too much. Be thorough when you do and it will carry you through.


How do I use the scrub?

More isn’t always better, so to start, place a quarter size amount in your hand and begin applying it to your skin using an upward circular motion. Avoid the soft area around your eyes.


Can I eat this scrub?

While you are exfoliating a little taste will do no harm. Yet it is not recommended you use this as a food.

What are the benefits or uses of the mist?

Our mists are designed to be used interchangeably. Our mists carry aromatherapeutic benefits to create the space you desire, or you can use our mist to cool your skin to “lively up” your feel.

Do you ship internationally?

Starting 2021 International shipping will be available. Be sure to check out our Shipping Details and International Mail Suspensions due to COVID-19.